Most Popular Genucel Package

Most Popular Genucel Package

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For added convenience, we’ve put together all of our favorite Genucel products in one package. This 3-piece kit contains 2 vials of Genucel With Eyeseryl Technology, Genucel Immediate Effects 2, and Genucel XV, all which will work together to provide you with a fresher, more radiant complexion.

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Our Customer Favorite Package contains some of our most popular and most effective skincare products. Genucel XV uses a proprietary blend of vitamins, plant extracts, and enzymes to make wrinkles virtually disappear. Genucel Immediate Effects 2 uses its gentle, effective formula to deeply hydrate skin and practically erase your unwanted wrinkles. Genucel With Eyeseryl Technology is specially formulated to make puffy eyes a thing of the past. When used consistently, these products work together to erase trouble spots and leave you with the younger-looking skin you’ve always dreamed of having.



This Package Contains

  • Genucel With Eyeseryl Technology (2 tubes)
  • Genucel Immediate Effects 2
  • Genucel XV


Hyaluronic Acid - Hyaluronic Acid is a substance that is naturally produced by your body. This natural additive binds to water molecules, effectively diminishing the appearance of fine lines and visibly preventing future wrinkles from forming.

CoQ10 - This fundamental antioxidant shields the skin against visible aging caused by harmful UV rays, infrared radiation and environmental pollutants. It protects the skin and makes the skin appear visibly plumper, smoother, and visibly more radiant.

Enzyme Activation™ - Enzymes are naturally-derived proteins that speed up cellular function and protect your skin against damage caused by free radicals. Our special Enzyme Activation™ system promotes radiant, younger looking skin that is soft, smooth, and even.

Eyeseryl - An advanced tetrapeptide that supports healthy circulation while also aiding in the prevention of dark circles and bags forming under the eyes.

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