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genucel XV anti-wrinkle treatment
Hydrate and moisturize
from $135.00
gen90 Instant Treatment for eye bags and wrinkles
Visible Results in Minutes
Genucel Jawline Treatment with MDL Technology
Tightens and tones
Genucel2 - Triple Action Technology
Targets eyebags, dark circles, and crow's feet
genucel Deep Firming Serum (DFS)
Vitamin C Firming Serum

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Our anti-aging skin care is rooted in the philosophy and science of antioxidants combined with our proprietary skin care base. Designed by a pharmacist, George Faltaous, and endorsed by physicians and celebrities, Chamonix Skin Care products contain clinical concentrations of antioxidants in a proprietary base of calendula. The effectiveness of our skin care products lies in the pure ingredients they contain, and also in what they do not contain.


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gen90 Instant Treatment for eye bags and wrinkles

gen90 Instant Treatment for eye bags and wrinkles

Regular price$135.00


Next-Gen skincare technology instantly erases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles! It uses thoughtfully researched ingredients to deliver one-of-a-kind results right before your eyes.

Rapidly Alter The Appearance of Wrinkles

Gen90 is a topical treatment that uses a proprietary blend of "micro-fillers" to rapidly tighten and tone your eye bags & wrinkles. Our latest skincare innovation – Gen90 – uses a complex blend of rare Earth silicates for an instant tightening & tingling feeling to visibly erase the wrinkles around the eyes, the forehead, crow’s feet, and laugh lines for results in seconds PLUS a cumulative improvement in your appearance over time.



Sodium Silicate - A strong astringent substance that tends to shrink or constrict skin surfaces. As it dries it subtly tightens skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and providing a smoothing effect on the skin’s surface.  

Retinol - A Vitamin A derivative that is one of the most effective skincare components on the market. Even a small amount will provide you with visibly clearer, younger looking skin. 

Magnesium Aluminum Silicate - This naturally occurring mineral gives our skin treatments a rich, creamy texture.

Apply gen90 around the eyes and on any wrinkles. Be careful applying too much as it may cause whitening. Allow 5-10 minutes to dry by fanning the area.

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